The Library Services Platform Context – Key resources

We have just made one of the key project documents freely available on Googledocs. ‘The Library Services Platform Context – Key resources informing the JISC ‘LMS Change’ synthesis project’ paper positions the trends in library system development in the wider context.  It takes the form of a review to inform the work of the LMS Change synthesis project. The narrative summarises trends under five broad headings:-

  1. The Big Picture – Underlying Themes
  2. Higher Education
  3. Library Technology
  4. Library Systems
  5. User Experience & Behaviour

It focus higher education (HE) libraries and specifically ‘back-end’ resource *management* systems – the ‘library service platforms’ as they are increasingly becoming known, in Higher Education. The document began life as a simple resource list for the project and has evolved into a kind of bibliographic essay. It’s mostly ‘big picture’ stuff (after all my role is as a member of the team  working on the ‘synthesis’ part) but it also has illustrative detail from some of the specific projects in the JISC programme. It’s not intended to be comprehensive but we hope it will be useful in illustrating a coherent argument with some select, and we trust, well chosen references.

I certainly think it’s important to see the development in library systems in context. There was a time when people spoke of ‘stand alone’ library systems but those days are long gone. Library system vendors (almost all now owned by or part of much bigger enterprises) are working to reflect in their offerings major technology trends such as the cloud, big data/analytics, social media and the changes in consumption brought about in part by devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This is a challenging and fascinating time for libraries and library technology and I hope the document will help make better sense of what is going on. We’d love to have your comments

Ken Chad. Ken Chad Consulting Ltd

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